sad plant

I like the way she loves me.

Dear heavens she is devine looking
I feel like just sitting at the bottom of a pool and crying

Her kisses have always sent me to another world

I feel like my heart just shrunk 100 times smaller.

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sangredeflorr: It is past two in the morning and im thinking of how your breathe gets heavy as you fall in deeper sleep and how pooofy your lips are and how warm your getting and how knowing you are on the other end was all i needed to go to it would help me. How much it made me wish to be laying next to beautiful you look in the morning. I miss hearing you mumble in your sleep ans how you would wake up and call my name bcuz you were scared bring those nightsback

Evidence of how completely magnificent my fair daffodil is
Always thinking of you baby g

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She makes my heart beat fast when I didn’t even want it to beat at all

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Anonymous: wait, where is your store at?

Flowerets . Storenvy . Com

I swear I’m adding more things
I’ve just been busy with work and being incredibly and totally in love with lidia…oh and school crap BUT THOSE OF YOU WHO BOUGHT SOMETHING IM SHIPPING OUT EITHER TOMORROW OR FRIDAY WHEN I GET PAID DONT WORRY IM NOT TRYING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY I LOVE YOU - KISSES you are seriously without a doubt gentle souls

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Salvador Dali, The Picnic
I used to be white chocolate and now I’m caramel