sad plant

I like the way she loves me.

Bare feet & white night gowns all summer long
This makes me feel sour
Silkworms forever
Seriously just shut. Up.

how do lesbians do the lesbian thing

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Don’t know….

who to talk to or what to say, so here is my spit ball of words and weird feelings; The California sun has turned my vanilla sees candy skin color to the caramel colored lollipop and I look like a wretched troll. Secondly, I work now- basically as a social worker but for poor families and or previous homeless people- and I am sore from thinking and worst of all, worrying about how I am doing the job. Also, school. You’re broke if you don’t go to college- job competition is overheating at this point- and you’re broke if you do go to college so what the hell man, ya can’t win! Lastly (I promise to those who are reading this or a side note to myself as I am probably the only one who cares) Lidia is away and I am having issues with being at home. California turns bitter and sour without her. What’s the purpose? Not to go all melancholy but god I would give anything for a really hardcore make out session and the smell of her to linger on my bed and neck. Send help because I am 2 seconds away from doing a 180 and crawling in my closet.

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Waterfall amidst a mountain covered in ash after a volcano eruption. 
Taken in Iceland. 

Holy shit

you and me me and you you and me

Hey hey , just posted up some new items in my store and CONTINUING to add… more clothes will be posted but for now, mostly accessories! Kisses and more kisses - C

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"i think about you a lot"

especially in these hours.  What I would give to hear your voice and feel your lips


andromeda, oil on canvas, 50x50cm, 2013

i want this. for my birthday or smth.


Yung Cheng Lin