sad plant

I like the way she loves me.

She doesn’t realize how badly I need for her to see me and to love what she sees.

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I need attention
Anonymous: You seem cool are you from Orange County by any chance?

Why yes, yes I am. Reppin’ socal over here ♡

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need some of this

Can someone hold me while I weep
i need to be loved desperately

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J.R. Furbush


hey guys! So i’m planning on moving out soon and would ideally want to do so with Lidia. I do need help though, I’ve been doing excessive amounts of research myself, to find the perfect place. We are open to renting a room, but would prefer to have our own place- perhaps a studio or a one bedroom. If I have ANY followers near the Huntington Beach area, I just ask that if you hear of any place renting, please let me know. It’s quite difficult renting from someone who isn’t open to a couple, nonetheless a gay couple. Cheers guys and as always, much thanks
-T xoxoxoxo

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destroyed by Rosanna Jones
Simple yet stellar
Forever, unconditionally and irrevocably
Anonymous: We work together and sometimes she's talking to me and I see her lips moving but I can't hear her because her eyes are incredibly distracting in the most beautiful and breath taking way possible. I just lose focus and everything else doesn't seem to matter for a few seconds, that's probably what makes me most happy at the moment.

Dear heavens, don’t let that feeling go. You are experiencing true magic in the purest form. I hope she sees your feelings for her through your eyes; Some hardly realize that they are open books.

I wish I was still looked at that way. Maybe I just became so accustomed to being seen with love I don’t see it anymore. That’s the downfall of it all, the feeling of getting use to something uncommonly breathtaking.

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